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Dr. Umberto Berardi

Dr. Berardi is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University, in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) where he directs the Zero Energy Building and Systems Lab and coordinates a research group composed of eleven people (currently 1 post-doc, 3 PhD students, and 7 Master students). His main research interests are related to the study of building systems that incorporate new materials for improved performance. In the first years of his career, Dr. Berardi often worked on natural materials for acoustic applications and on sustainable design through natural materials. Recently, he has been focusing on integrating innovative materials and nanotechnologies into building systems. He has mainly focused on organic PCMs, such as paraffin and bio-PCM, and on granular and monolithic aerogel.

Dr. Berardi has an extensive publication record for his career stage, including over 70 peer-reviewed journals, 70 international conference papers, and four books. Notable highlights include 3 articles in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (2016 Impact Factor: 8.050 ); 3 in Applied Energy (IF: 7.182); 1 in Journal of Cleaner Production (IF: 5.715); 1 in Energy Policy (IF: 4.140 ); 10 in Energy and Buildings (IF: 4.067); 3 in Building and Environment (IF: 4.053). In terms of research outcome, Dr. Berardi’s publications have received over 2500 citations in Google Scholar, where he has an h-index of 22, while Scopus database already counts over 1500 citations and an h-index of 20. He is the author of the most read paper ever in Architectural Science Review; the most cited paper in Sustainable Development; the second most cited paper in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society; one of the ten most downloaded articles in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews in 2014. At the International Conference on Applied Energy in 2016 in China, he was awarded as the author of one of the ten most cited papers in the journal Applied Energy.

His grants and awards include the Early Research Career Excellence Award, Ryerson University, 2018, the Best Italian Engineer in North America award by the ISSNAF (Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation) in Washington DC, 2016; the Best Technical Award in the NESEA competition for the Zero Energy Repeatable Apartments Project in Boston, 2015. Dr. Berardi has a body of funded research comprising over $1.5M in government and private sector sponsored research. In the last two years, he has been awarded a CFI-JELF; NSERC Discovery Grant; Early Research Award from the MRI - Ontario; Building Excellence Research and Education Grants from the BC Housing; OCE-VIP projects; and several NSERC Engages.

Dr. Berardi was the International Committee Chair of the International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction - ICSDEC 2016 - in Tempe-Arizona, and the Technical Program and Leadership Committee co-Chair of ICSDEC 2015 in Chicago. He has been a member of the scientific committee of over 20 international congresses held in 15 countries and has often organized and chaired special sessions. He has also given keynotes at over twenty conferences. Dr. Berardi will be the Chair of the X IAQVEC conference, organized in Bari (Italy) from 5 to 7 September 2019 (

Dr. Jan Radoń

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Dr. Jan Radoń graduated from The Faculty of Civil Engineering of The Cracow University of Technology (1982). For his diploma thesis Thermal stress distribution in concrete box bridges he received an award of the first degree from The Minister of Construction and Building Materials Industry.

Currently, he is an associate professor at the Dept. of Rural Building, Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy, University of Agriculture in Kraków. He also runs an engineering office "Engineering Consulting & Software Development".

Since 1990, he has been a member of the international research team for the development of "WUFI" software at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen (Germany). The main activity includes the development of numerical algorithms and programming of hygrothermal building performance, microclimate development, energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as estimating of biological risks ( The team received the "Moisture Safety Prize" from Lund University (Sweden). The award was presented at the 9th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, Tampere (Finland), 2011. Dr. Radoń developed also the "Epass Helena" software for the energy assessment of buildings for the Zentrum für Umweltbewusstes Bauen (ZUB) at The University of Kassel (Germany).

Dr. Radoń is the author and co-author of over 130 scientific publications. He has published i.a. in "Energy & Buildings", "Journal of Building Physics", "Computers and Electronics in Agriculture", "Bauphysik". He was also a reviewer. In 2018 he was awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing (2018) by “E&B” editorial staff. He is the co-author of 2 patents in the field of renewable energy sources. So far, he has been a promoter of 4 completed doctorates.

Dr. Radoń has participated in several research projects. Between 1995 and 2000, he conducted research on the use of transparent thermal insulation for active and passive utilization of solar energy at The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Germany. Some other research topics include Computer system for calculation and advice on substitution of conventional energy sources with biomass (Institute of Energy, 2006-2009) and Passive house for everyone - development of ecological building, through support for research and implementation in the Enterprise Domy Silesia (EU-Innovation Economy, 2009-2012). Recently he has been a partner in the research project Environment, damage risk assessment, economic impact and mitigation strategies for sustainable preservation of cultural heritage in the times of climate change, acronym "Climate for Culture" (7th EU Research Program, 2010-14, and Energy efficiency of museum and library institutions, acronym "Heriverde” (NCBR, 2013-2017).

He is interested in tourism and aviation. In his youth he practiced gliding. He enjoys spending time on forest and mountain hiking.

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