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ENERGODOM Conference Topics

Leading topic of the 2018 Conference:
Toward ZERO ENERGY Buildings

ENERGODOM 2018 is an important event that intends to bring together energy conscious scientist and practitioners. Participants from EU Member States and other countries are expected to define the present state of the art that exists in this field, to show not only advantages but also shades of contemporary standards and trends, pointing out the technical feasibility, social acceptance, and economic efficiency of low energy housing.
The development of modern, zero-energy buildings with high energy performance has become possible by academic research through simulation models, laboratory samples, and experimental buildings. Optimized design procedures significantly cover energy demand from on-site renewable sources, as required in the European Directive.

In 2018, we would like to reemphasize, as we did in 2014, the necessity of extensive retrofitting of existing building stock to the low energy standard. Especially in Central Europe, poorly-insulated, large concrete slab buildings are densely populated, and for the next decades, these buildings will remain an important part of the total building stock. Another important aspect of thermal refurbishment of existing buildings is the improvement of indoor environment quality, including heating conditions as well as protection against overheating.

Prospective implementation of the EU Directive and the urgent necessity to rapidly increase the number of existing (not only newly built) nearly zero-energy buildings demands comprehensive actions and a new awareness of the investors, designers, contractors, and workers. Let us try to create this awareness.

ENERGODOM 2018 Main Issues

Since the very beginning, this conference stood as a forum for those interested in low energy housing, building physics, and all related fields, allowing us to:

  • reveal research findings,
  • exchange opinions and gathered experience,
  • present new ideas, technologies, and materials,
  • introduce local and international contacts and cooperation.

The following general topics are suggested for ENERGODOM 2018:

  • Building, environment, sustainable development
  • Thermal retrofitting
  • Building envelope systems and materials
  • Computer aided modeling and design (under auspices of IBPSA)
  • Renewable energy sources and energy storage
  • Low energy and intelligent building installations
  • Laboratory and in-situ testing and data acquisition
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We hope that the contributions and presentations delivered by the authors will be inspiring and will bring on animated discussion.

Conference Bureau:

Cracow University of Technology
ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków
phone. +48 12 628-23-97
fax +48 12 628-20-25